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Welcome to our FAQ page! Find answers to common questions about Cake Concepts bakery, from our products to ordering and wholesale opportunities. If you don’t see your question answered, please contact our friendly team. We’re here to help!

When is your shop at 7b Ascension Place open?2015-11-16T19:29:35+13:00

Our current opening hours are on our Ordering and Delivery webpage. Occasionally at different times of year or over public holiday weekends these may vary.

I live in the Auckland area and my daughter is having a 21st birthday party. Can you tell me how I go about ordering a cake?2023-10-18T12:41:47+13:00

Just contact us by phone, e-mail or in person. If you choose one of our standard-sized round cakes with a message plaque or our usual decorated slabs, these can easily be arranged over the phone or via email. For more unique special occasion cakes it is preferable to email / show us a photo of the style of cake you would like along with other details like the flavour and how many people you will need to cater for, when you intend to pick up the cake etc. It is possible to place such orders via email or, if you are able, come into the bakery and have a chat with us.

I live in Christchurch and would like to arrange for a birthday cake to be sent to my father who lives in Auckland.2023-10-18T12:46:43+13:00

If you phone us during business hours we can discuss this with you. Alternatively email us and let us know your requirements. As every order is different we would be able to advise you of any particular issues pertaining to your order.  Once there is agreement regarding the product, date, delivery destination etc we would email you an invoice showing your order details and our bank account number.  You would make the payment via direct bank transfer. Please bear in mind that, in addition to the cost of your cake, your order would incur a delivery charge. We would need at least one week’s notice (preferably longer) and we would try to deliver your order as near to the date that you require as possible.

I don’t live in New Zealand but have friends who do and I would like to arrange for them to receive a cake from me.2023-10-18T12:49:36+13:00

This could be done if payment and delivery issues could be arranged satisfactorily. Generally we would only be able to deliver one-off orders to destinations in the Auckland area, and not to other areas in New Zealand. Please remember that, in addition to the cost of your cake, there would be a delivery charge. Delivery would be as close to your requested date as possible. Also we would need sufficient notice. How much notice we would require, depends on where you are living and where the cake is to be delivered. The minimum would be two weeks notice but this may not be sufficient for all cases. Currently we do not have website credit card facilities so can only accept payment via direct bank transfer. Bank transfer methods and time delays vary considerably from country to country so, from this point of view, our ability to fill your order would depend on whether payment could be made in time. We make every effort to help our customers so either phone us during New Zealand business hours and we can discuss your order with you, or email us and let us know your requirements and we can see if it would be feasible for us to deliver a cake for you.

Do you sell edible images?2023-10-18T12:52:18+13:00

Yes, we do. We can source ones of popular movie characters and other pre-printed designs, or can arrange for a photo that you supply to be printed on an edible image. We would need the photo emailed to us in .jpg form and of a reasonable size e.g. 1 mb. Sometimes manipulation of the image may be required. A minimum of one week’s notice would be preferable.

Do you do shape cakes?2023-10-18T12:53:40+13:00

Generally no, because they work out to be very expensive for our customers. However, if you would really like to investigate the possibility, give us a call, or email us, and we can see if a suitable tin can be obtained or what your particular request would involve.

Is hot savoury food available?2015-12-03T02:59:17+13:00

We don’t keep our savoury products hot, ready to go. However if you require products heated for a specific occasion this may be able to be arranged for an additional cost. Just contact us and let us know what you require and we can see what we can do.

I have recently bought a restaurant in Auckland and would like to find some cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and tarts that I can put on my dessert menu. Are you able to help me?2023-10-18T12:57:39+13:00

Yes, most definitely. As you can see from this website we have a substantial range of products. Either send us an email or telephone us directly and we can give you any information you require. Alternatively a time can be arranged for us to visit you and discuss your requirements. We would be able to supply you with samples of products that would suit you and explain our delivery process more fully. As soon as you would like to commence purchasing, simply fill in and sign our Credit Application and Terms of Trade form, then email it to us (or mail it or drop it off in person to our bakery). Once we have your details on our computer system and delivery arrangements have been made, we can send out your first order.

As a caterer we have varying sizes of functions and would not necessarily require products delivered on a regular basis. How would we go about purchasing from you?2023-01-10T14:05:56+13:00

Contact us to discuss your requirements. The usual procedure would be for you to complete a credit application form and set up an account with Cake Concepts. Once you are on our computer system, and delivery arrangements have been made, your ordering and delivery process can run smoothly, even if your orders are irregular. For orders of up to approximately ten 9″ round cakes of varying flavours, we can usually supply the following day. If, however, you are going to require a larger number of products or lots of single serve products, we would appreciate receiving as many days notice as possible, so we can add your order to our production schedule.

We own a food distribution company. Do you supply distributors?2023-01-10T14:07:31+13:00

Yes, we can, and are always keen to hear from distributors. Do contact us and let us see if we can supply to your area and establish a business relationship that assists both our companies.

How should I store the cake I have bought?2023-01-10T14:10:04+13:00

Generally it is best to keep the cake in its box, or another container, in the refrigerator, unless there are decorations on it that cannot be refrigerated. Products vary with some being able to be stored ambient for a day or so, and others requiring chilled storage. As a very general guideline, with the right conditions, most products can be stored chilled for up to 3-5 days and maintain great quality.  Some, like those containing cream should only be kept for up to 2 days chilled. Do ask us if you have any queries on this. Note: Many of our products are designed to be frozen and this may be a preferable storage option for you.  When it is time to serve them, we recommend they are thawed in their boxes, or other containers, overnight in a refrigerator.

Is there an easy way to cleanly cut a cake?2015-11-02T19:42:49+13:00

To cut portions we suggest using a long sharp knife. Dip the knife in a container of hot water, wipe then cut. For best results, dip and wipe each time before cutting the next piece.

How should I heat the savouries I have bought?2023-01-10T14:15:17+13:00

Place a piece of tin foil over the top of the savoury to prevent the pastry from browning too much. Heating temperatures vary depending on the product. Single serve quiches and caramelised onion sausage rolls are best heated at 160°C for 10 minutes. Ensure that heated products reach above 75°C for at least 30 seconds.

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Our dedicated team is here to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll ensure you receive the support and information you need for the perfect bakery experience with Cake Concepts.

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