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  Freezing: Storage Life: Frozen at -18°C Products that are frozen must be kept frozen at -18°C at all times. Most of our products are designed to be frozen, enabling our customers to reduce wastage and enjoy maximum value. For those that can be frozen, the storage life depends on the product and storage methods, but generally, products can be safely stored frozen for 1 month and many for much longer. For example some 9″ round cheesecakes can be stored for up to 6 months. Please just ask us if you would like information on specific products.
Defrosting: Defrosting times vary depending on the density. We recommend that our products are thawed in their boxes overnight (approximately 12 hours) in a refrigerator.
Cutting: Most products can be cut while frozen if desired. To cut portions we suggest using a long sharp knife. Dip the knife in a container of hot water, wipe then cut. For best results, dip and wipe each time before cutting the next piece.
Chilling: Storage Life: Chilled at 4°C The chilled storage life of our products varies depending on the product as well as storage methods and weather conditions. However as a general guideline, with the right conditions, most products can be stored chilled for up to 3 days. Some like cheesecakes can be stored longer (up to 4-6 days) whilst others like those containing seasonal fruit and/or cream should only be kept for up to 2 days chilled. Do ask us if you have any queries on this.
Care when Chilling: Products that require chilled storage should be kept in their original boxes or put in airtight containers and stored in the fridge. An overpacked fridge or one that is opened frequently may not maintain optimum temperatures and may reduce the storage life.
Displaying of Portions: When displaying products, whenever possible only cut off slices as needed and cover these slices. This will reduce the likelihood of products drying out in cabinets.
Storing Ambient: Storage Life: Ambient It is important to note that various products should not be stored ambient. These include cheesecakes and products with seasonal fruit and/or cream. Having said this, where due care is taken, some products can be stored at normal room temperatures and out of the direct sun very successfully for a short time. These include products like carrot cake which can be stored ambient for a day or two. Other products like the biscuits may be stored ambient in a sealed container. Since products vary considerably do ask us if you have any queries.
Ambient Care: When storing products ambient, generally it is preferable to keep them sealed in an airtight container. This is particularly important with products like biscuits and brownies. It must be noted that extreme weather conditions have a marked effect on storage at room temperature. For example, in humid times storing products in ambient conditions and putting them in the fridge overnight before storing them in ambient conditions the next day, could cause mould.
Heating: Temperatures and Times: Place a piece of tin foil over the top of the savoury to prevent the pastry from browning too much. Heating temperatures vary depending on the product. Single serve quiches and caramalised onion sausage rolls are best heated at 160°C for 10 minutes.