This could be done if payment and delivery issues could be arranged satisfactorily. Generally we would only be able to deliver one-off orders to destinations in the Auckland area, and not to other areas in New Zealand. Please remember that, in addition to the cost of your cake, there would be a delivery charge. Delivery would be as close to your requested date as possible. Also we would need sufficient notice. How much notice we would require, depends on where you are living and where the cake is to be delivered. The minimum would be two weeks notice but this may not be sufficient for all cases. Currently we do not have website credit card facilities so can only accept payment via direct bank transfer. Bank transfer methods and time delays vary considerably from country to country so, from this point of view, our ability to fill your order would depend on whether payment could be made in time. We make every effort to help our customers so either phone us during New Zealand business hours and we can discuss your order with you, or email us and let us know your requirements and we can see if it would be feasible for us to deliver a cake for you.